To evolve as a company on a continuous growth trajectory, embracing a culture of gratitude and positive thinking.


Sujahta Meiraku Group, founded in December 1946, initially specialized in the production and distribution of liquid coffee creamer and whipped cream tailored for commercial use in coffee shops and hotels. In 1976, we introduced "Ka-shoku no koibito" Sujahta, a liquid coffee creamer in portioned packaging.The criteria for commercial products extend beyond taste and quality; safety and customer satisfaction are paramount. Leveraging this expertise, we expanded our portfolio to include household products. Since then, our guiding principle has been "Professional taste at home," offering consumers an authentic culinary experience within their homes.

“Corn potage soup” “Kikuno IFC coffee” “Soy milk” “Iced coffee” “fruit-filled smoothies” etc. are high value-added products that utilize technology.

Today, we are gratified to witness the enjoyment of our products by many third-generation families.

Moreover, our commitment to "Food and Health" has evolved, transforming into "Food, Beauty, Health, Environment" in sync with the times. This signifies our proactive efforts to contribute to internal well-being through nutrition while adopting environmentally friendly and renewable packaging materials to foster a sustainable society.

As we approach the 78th anniversary since foundation and 72nd year since establishment in 2024, Sujahta Meiraku Group has navigated various shifts in the business landscape. Each transformation has been approached with gratitude and a positive mindset, preserving foundational elements and adapting to contemporary demands.

Our aspiration remains steadfast: to reach the milestone of our 100th anniversary with unwavering gratitude and a forward-looking perspective.

CEO Haruo Hibi