1946 Started a peddler in Hamamatsu.


1948 Opened store "Hiyoshiya" in Minami-ku,Nagoya.
1952 Established Nagoya Seiraku Co.,Ltd.
1976 Started sales of "Sujahta", a new product. 1976(1976"sujahta")
1990 The chilled coffee "Kikuno IFC Coffee" went on sale in the business world the first.
1990 Started to hand out "Hourai"-(Meiraku Ajoene NS-38,now) to appliciant. 1990 (1990"Hourai")
1995 Brought a machine to measure an inherent vibration frequency(wave) to the laboratory.
1995 Established Beijing office.
1999 Get a patent in China. Patent of Quick Freezing manufacturing method for Coffee.
2001 " Sujahta TOMI Medium Ice Cream" went on sale.
2001 All plants acquired ISO 9001.
2002 Obu factory Organic JAS Factory Certification
2003 Chiba factory Organic JAS Factory Certification
2005 Established Brazil office.
2006 Established the factory in China. 2006
(2006 factory in China)
2009 Supported to "International Patisserie Grand Prix 2009"
2010 Established Rizhao Minglao Food Co., Ltd.
2011 Completion of Chiba second factory.
2011 Start selling the TOMI Sujahta Medium Ice cream in Shanghai, China.
(2011 TOMI)
2014 Acquired ISO 22000 Chiba Factory
2016 Formal registration of Sujahta CM melody in " Sound Trademark"
2016 Supported Japan National team for the 24th World Culinary Olympics
(2016 the 24th world Culinary Olympics)
2017 Head Office plant, Obu Factory Acquired ISO 22000