Toward the establishment of our business for 100 years,
we “Remember Our Beginnings”.

“Remember Our Beginnings”; This phrase captures what the Sujahta Meiraku Group values the most.

As we remember the beginnings of our establishment, our various encounters and blessings, all of which together served as the basis upon which Sujahta and LL germ free technology was developed.

The first rule of food products is safety, then freshness and taste.
Even though the cost is high, we use a 5-layer pack with aluminum which effectively blocks light and oxygen for our paper pack products.  It’s not something that the customer notices but something we believe is important for producing safe and delicious products.

Consistent with “Our Beginnings”, Sujahta Meiraku Group will keep up the old traditions of modesty and simple honest manufacturing along with technical innovation.

CEO Haruo Hibi